Security notice
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1. Wear proper apparel. Don’t wear jewels and neckties etc. 
2. Wear face mask and protective goggles that accord with      
safety standard.  
1. Don’t use machine in damp environment. Keep working area well lighted. 
2. Don’t use tool in presence of flammable and explosive materials. 
3. Keep working area clean. 
4.Keep children away from working area.  
1. Maintain machine regularly. Always keep machine in proper place. 
2. Never pull out cable plug when machine operates. 
3. Replace timely worn or damaged electric brush. Remove timely dusts, small pieces etc. 
4. Repair tool by a qualified worker.  
1. Read instruction manual carefully before operating this machine. 
2. Tool with a singleinsulation must be reliably grounded. 
3. The voltage must correspond with voltage mark on machine. 
4. Use machine according to designed requirement. 
5. Use correct tool accessory. 
6. Make sure switch is OFF before turning on power.